Syncthing on WD MyCloudEX2Ultra

It took me too long (for my taste) to install Syncthing on my MyCloudEX2Ultra. Mainly because WD updated the operating system (OS3 to OS5) and I couldn’t find a working link to a package for OS5.

In the end I basically followed the instructions of user smymty (thanks!). I’ll leave a copy here, in case that link breaks:

Take any linux machine with and docker-compose installed. Also make sure libxml2 and openssl is installed,

 apt-get install docker-compose
 apt-get install libxml2 openssl

clone the repository GitHub - WDCommunity/wdpksrc: Cross compilation framework to create native packages for the Western Digital My Cloud 6 to a folder and cd to that folder.

 git clone
 cd wdpksrc

Then build and run the docker container from following commands,

 docker build -t wdpk .    
 docker run -it -v $(pwd):/wdpksrc wdpk /bin/bash    

Now you should be inside the docker shell

 cd wdpk/syncthing

You will see a folder created named packages/syncthing You will get what you are looking for inside this folder.

Instead of syncthing you can try any other package.

I had to adapt to Manjaro. Instead of the apt-get commands I used sudo pacman -S docker docker-compose libxml2 openssl.

Also I had to adapt the mentioned and had to append -OS5 to the mksapkg command:

../../mksapkg-OS5 -E -s -m $model > /dev/null

That left me with the binary package. Feel free to download it directly here, in case you trust yet another random person on the internet. Anyway, if you want to at least verify the integrity of your download: